Greywater/Graywater filters destined to fail

A NSF 350 certification is worthless because NSF’s testing protocol does not include the real debris – hair and lint – found in real greywater.

Here is what real greywater has in it:

Actual Hair
and Lint
60 days
of Debris
Debris in

The greywater debris shown in the above pictures is from a commercial laundromat.

Nexus eWater from Australia was a perfect example of how completely worthless NSF 350 certification truly is.

Nexus eWater’s greywater systems passed the NSF 350 test and were certified by NSF to operate for 6 months without maintenance, but outside NSF’s laboratory the systems failed almost immediately from the hair and lint in real greywater.

Nexus eWater is now completely out of business, leaving a trail of abandoned customers with expensive systems that will never work.

Other companies now touting their own NSF 350 certifications will follow.